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(as of 1 January 2024)

$280 Standard 50 minute Consultation 
$300 Couple or Family Sessions - 1 hour
$560 Couple or Family Sessions - 2 hours
$280 Home Visit Callout (In addition to Standard Consultation)              $300 an hour for Reports   


Medicare rebates are available for those clients with a Mental Health Care Plan. Bulk Billing is available for clients with a Mental Health Carre Plan who hold a Full Pension, Disability Pension or Full Time Student card. If there are financial pressures talk with Carmel at your the session, and if you have a Mental Health Care Plan then eligible sessions could be bulk billed. Clients wishing to claim under DVA, WorkCover and Service Provision Arrangements are also encouraged to book online. Private health insurance rebate eligibility is determined by your fund. 

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